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Peachy Cleaners Policies

No Obligation and Free Consultation                

Contact us today to discuss your cleaning needs at

Prospective clients and an authorized representative of The Peachy Cleaners will meet at the client’s property for a consultation and walk-through that generally lasts between 10-20 minutes.


This initial consultation and walk-through are at no cost to the client.

During this meeting the following items will be discussed:

-We will observe and discuss your cleaning needs as well as payments, schedules, and any questions you or we may have.

-You will receive estimates for the initial cleaning as well as (if applicable) the subsequent maintenance cleanings.

-You can let us know if you would like us to work within a particular budget. We want to work for you, and when necessary, work with budgets. This means that we will work for an allotted amount of time and prioritize which areas of the house are of particular concern to the client.

-After identifying your cleaning priorities, we will then arrange a date for your cleaning service.

Initial and One-Time Cleanings

**Cleaning a property for the first time can be time-consuming and unpredictable. **


During the initial meeting, one-time service clients will be asked to clearly prioritize the cleaning tasks they want.

You can also let us know if you would like a service cap or maximum amount you would like to spend on cleaning.

We will then work quickly and efficiently to complete as many of the desired cleaning tasks as we can, completing the most important tasks first.

(If you choose to cap your services, we cannot guarantee that all of your cleaning tasks will be completed. However, we do guarantee our work on all cleaning tasks that are completed.)

Recurring Service Clients


Recurring service clients will be given two estimates.

The first will be for the initial cleaning. This estimate is based on the time it will take to complete all the desired cleaning tasks. Again, cleaning a home for the first time can be time-consuming and unpredictable.


Let us know if you would like a cap on your cleaning services. If needed, we can spread your initial cleaning visits out so that your cleaning service is affordable.


The second estimate is based on the time it will take for the maintenance house cleaning once your initial clean(s) is/are complete and considering your visit frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.).


Estimated task times to take into consideration:


• Cleaning behind and underneath objects that may need to be moved. An example would be removing a collection of figurines from a shelf, cleaning the figurines as well as the shelf, and returning the figurines to the shelf.

• Thorough indoor window cleaning (if applicable): inside double-hung panes, as well as the inward pane.

• Removing the buildup of hard water deposits, soap scum, kitchen grease, pet hair, lime scale, waxy residue, etc.

• Intricate objects such as collectibles, decorations, knick-knacks, etc. that need to be carefully removed, cleaned, and replaced.


Please understand that a thorough cleaning is a time-consuming process. We give added care and take precautions with furniture, collectibles, and other objects. 

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Payment Options

 **Payment is due on or before the time of service. 

 Note: If payment is received before the date of service, checks will be held and not cashed until service is complete unless the client makes it clear their intent is to pay in advance for future cleanings.


  • You may leave a check, cash or money order at your residence on the day of service. (Please include your Driver’s License Number on your check)

  • We also accept payments and bill through, Venmo, Paypal and Quickbooks for your paying convenience. (Invoices emailed to the client as requested)

  • Please do not postdate checks or money orders.


Additional fees may be imposed for returned checks and closed accounts. In such cases, you will be charged $30 for each returned check (that’s the service fee imposed on us by our financial institution), any additional bank fees that are charged to us, as well as daily late fees that accrue until the account is current.


**In the unfortunate event payment is not received or is late we will impose a $15.00 late fee for every week service has not been paid in full starting from the date of service.         

 ***The Peachy Cleaners makes every effort to travel to you. If service is requested outside of 15 miles of the Twin Cities we do require a minimum of 2.5 hours of service.

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